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Teen Connect

Under the direction of Pastor Jon Shiflet, TEEN CONNECT is a "place for TEENS to call home."  At Landmark Baptist Church, we realize the importance of TEEN ministry.  The TEENS are the "church of tomorrow" and we take ministry for them very seriously.  In TEEN CONNECT, the TEENS are taught the importance of God-ward living and resting in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the Cross.  The TEENS are also taught what it means to be a Christian ("Christ follower"), how to be a Christian ("Christ follower"), and how to deal with everyday issues in this present world.  The purpose of TEEN CONNECT is to learn how to CONNECT to Christ (Gal. 2:20), how to CONNECT to the world (Matt. 28:19), and how to CONNECT to others (John 17:20).  We invite you to come and join our great group of TEENS, so you can learn more about who God is!